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1 March, 2015 – Sunday

On 1st of March, we were all set to gather at Tughlaqabad for an amazing Heritage Walk. And then suddenly, the rain god decided to bless us with a pre-Holi shower. Organizing team started getting messages about cancelling the walk. But then we decided, let’s change the theme. We informed everyone that its time to relive our childhood and cherish the memories of dancing in rain.


Despite of storm, 45 people reached Tughlaqabad. Our friends from Western Digital sponsored water and snacks for the walk. Miraculously, the rain stopped minutes before we were to start. We headed to the Bijai Mandal, the highest spot in Tughlaqabad. This 6 km long fort has numerous secrets hidden under its soil. We kept stopping at strategic locations and discussing the importance of each bend and bastion.

We discussed how Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (ra) cursed the fort and how the transition from Khilji to Tughlaq happened, and what role the sufi saints had to play in it. We also discussed the Mughal stay in the Fort, before moving to the Water pit. Enroute water pit, we explored the bathing tank, which some suggested, could be an ablution zone. Though we were not able to find a mosque nearby, the claim was not baseless. Major discussion at the Water pit broke out. Topic was whether this is a baoli or a simple storage tank. Everyone had interesting facts to state.

By this time, the drizzle re-started and it was time to head to the tomb of Ghiasuddin Tughlaq. With loads of snacks and drinks, we sat their and discussed about Ashoka and Muhammad bin Tughlaq. Walk ended with a happy note, where everyone on the peak of their excitement said good bye, with a promise of coming back soon, and continue the discussions.